STOP! Just stop being such a ‘pushover’ !!

It’s completely okay to say NO.

NO is good.

When you mingle with everybody so well and put in so much effort to keep up a good relationship, it doesn’t mean that you gotta say yes to everything they propose. People are MEAN. Oh yes ! the world is cruel and all that blab-blah-blah shit. But you are not !  The world treats you bad doesn’t mean you have to be like them too. You don’t have to be one in that herd!  Be the one to choose the other way. To be  different. To be unique. Well, in my case, my height helps too… Lol ! Stop being so cautious about every other thing ! NO. Don’t ever let other’s judgement decide for you. Be open to whatever they have to say, improve yourself in ways which will help you grow. Fly high in life, just don’t let other’s opinions cut down your wings. Life must have been so harsh, right? Well, then laugh at it and let it go!! It’s simple as a cow !

Be unique

There are times when you  give away yourself so much, you’re left alone. People just stop caring ! Their actions, their words….it doesn’t strike them how rude they can be ! Pretending to be strong actually makes you strong at times. It’s good to be emotional. Emotions keep you alive. But it’s not okay to be weak and let others take advantage of you. It’s time to let the cat out of the bag ! The next someone treats you bad, speak ! SPEAK. Yes, confront them. No, it’s not wrong. Yes, obviously it might weaken the relation with them, but did you matter for them in the first place? It’s time to let go of people for whom you don’t matter. Honest relations are better than fake ones. You have so much better things to do in life other than handling dummy relationships ! That’s why ‘choose your friends wisely’. Joey’s speech contained the words having, giving, receiving so many times, right? Well, friendship is all about that ! ‘Don’t cross the ocean for someone who wouldn’t even take a step for you’, you’ll end up hurt and with floppy trust. Learn to say NO. Respect yourself. Respect your opinions.Grow. With each passing day grow. Be a good human being, just don’t let others harm you in being so. You’ll be happy ! 🙂



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